We have raised the necessary amount of USD 5 000 (EUR 4 200) which Bader Philantrophies promised to DOUBLE if we made it by the end of September.

We already have, therefore, achieved the EUR 8 400 we need to support 10 more students with scholarships. We thank you!

There is no reason not to keep going!

We know that at this moment we can support a total of 70 students out of the 130 applicants for scholarships. This money will be paid to the students at the end of October, so we still have time until the 15th of October to support even more students with scholarships. It is entirely up to you how many more there will be!

Let's keep the giving going until 15 October!
Thank you!




For this academic year we have received more than 130 applications, and again we can just support 60 students. We have accepted this matching grant challenge so that, together with your support, we can support at least 10 more students with their personal development and studies.

More than a scholarship!

This is a comprehensive program supporting students who, in addition to direct financial aid, have the opportunity to find a mentor, undergo training, do an internship at a business, meet other Romani students from all over the Czech Republic during weekend-long motivation courses, and voluntarily assist Romani organizations all over the country. It's worth it.